Monday, November 07, 2005

My blogging goal is long overdue. Ever since Tim began obsessively blogging, followed by Susanna's and Amy Claire's equally valiant blogging habits, I have thought countless times- well, every day for months really...I need to give this blogging thing a try. So, here goes. I am sending info out to those of you I know in the thought that your voyeuristic side might need to be satiated now and again. And with the hope that I can provide an expression for that voyeurism,outside of peering in windows of your neighbors at night when you are out walking with your husband, and he is telling you to look straight ahead and to please stop it. ( A side note: that is one of the main let's be real, the only reason I love walking at night). So, now you are welcome to peer into the Helms home regularly, and check out what's happening with us.

I realize having begun this journal however, that following online blogs is not for everyone. After all, the fact that I changed diapers a whole lot today, and made the same lunch as every day, and cleaned the house since it was Monday, and made chicken curry for dinner since it was something I was craving yesterday....may just be too darn tedious for some of you. But, for others, the awesome fact that Anna learned that God lives in the clouds and at church- and we discussed the theological intricacies of God's omnipresence, or the fun fact that Josh starting naming and identifying shapes, and I see my hard work paying off, or the inspiring fact that I came to terms with my frustrated writer side and decided to tackle one simple goal in a busy, often chaotic life, may interest and entertain some of you.

So, for the bored...just keep on surfing. There are plenty of sites that promise more adventure than mine.

But for those of you still reading, keep on for one more sentence. And stop by every day. You don't want to miss the events of the Happy Helms :).

p.s. I have to credit my husband with the title for our blog. Our choice unfolded like this:

Me: Hey honey, what should I call my blog?
Pat: (lounging in the new arm chair, about to spill Irish breakfast tea all over the as-yet un-stain-treated arm), How about The Happy Helms?
Me: (laughing at how intentionally unoriginal Pat is, and glad that God gave me a husband with humor as bad as mine), That would be funny!

Voila, the brief history of a blog in infancy.
Until tomorrow then, sit tight and be happy!


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Hi Maryanne, Im having to use Susanna's username to post a comment. You need to open your comments up to people! Looks good so far


At 9:09 PM, Blogger Susanna Rose said...


Wow sis...I had no idea you had the desire to blog as I've actually never heard you mention it but I'M SO GLAD!(= Have fun with it and don't think it's over if you don't post every day or something(take it from moi!) It looks great and I'm curious to see what you write!

P.S. Does this mean you might start posting on my blog sometimes?(-; Yes? Oh...good...that's what I thought!!!

At 5:55 AM, Anonymous Pat said...

Hi Homey. Sorry, make that Honey. The site looks good. I look forward to seeing what is going on in our lives. Keep me posted. Also, I changed your profile to allow EVERYONE to comment. So please, everyone comment as you deem appropriate. And Maryanne, I love you babe.


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