Thursday, November 10, 2005

I have already not met my blogging goal- to post every day. But I am realizing that that is going to be least with my life for now. But interestingly enough, the reason I did not post last night is a good one.

We were just sitting down to dinner when the doorbell rang...and in walked Anna's new little soul mate from down the street- a spunky little three year-old girl name Macenzie who has recently moved into the neighborhood (well, we all have just moved in...). So, dinner instantly became noisier and chattier...and fun. Thirty minutes later, the doorbell ran again...and in walked Macenzie's 8 year-old brother, Josh...who being a boy, wanted a snack and a drink...and stayed to play. And then, another thirty minutes later, the doorbell rang yet again, and James, Josh and Macenzie's thirteen year-old brother James, showed up at the front door, skateboard and all, and asked "Can I come in too?" So, there we were, transported from an evening of quiet and planning to tuck the kids into bed early, to a loud evening of friends and entertainment.

After asking James if he wanted a sandwich (he did, of course), I smiled to myself and thought "This is what I have been praying for"...a home with neighbors free to drop in...and a place where they feel safe enough to do so. As James and I sat chatting about school, I tried to ignore the peanut butter and jelly sticking to the floor I had just washed a couple of hours before...and closed my eyes to the bubble bath trailing after Macenzie and Anna as they practiced turning the jets on in the overflowing tub. And I praised God because I watched the kids reading the Bible verses taped on to the fridge, and I was able to tell Macenzie why we pray before eating our dinner, and I was truly loving and enjoying our quiet -turned- loud evening.

After I closed the door and the kids had gone home, Mom called and she reminded me that hospitality is opening yourself up to people WHEN they arrive, not when you might plan to have them arrive...big difference. And so hopefully, God will continue to bring our neighbors around unexpectedly so that I am forced to mellow out and appreciate the opportunities He gives me...and not just the ones I orchestrate.


At 12:37 PM, Blogger Susanna Rose said...

Man, that is so neat what a blessing your new neighborhood has already become! It just shows how perfect God's timing is...had you moved six months sooner to another established neighborhood, you would not be having the opportunities you're now having most likely. It is beautiful that the 13 year old wants to hang out as well! Very exciting and keep up the great attitude!

P.S. I was startled by how much Anna looks like you in the picture...amazing!(=

At 11:14 PM, Blogger Alina said...

I'm hooked! I love that you now have a blog, and I love your writing. It is really so cool that you are taking time to pursue writing and enjoying it along the way. You are very talented, and I find myself laughing and looking forward to more bits from "the happy helms." I would love to talk soon over the phone and catch up. I myself have been playing with the idea of a blog for about three months, and I even already have one set up. But I have yet to fully commit. You are giving me just the push I need. I love you.


At 11:15 PM, Blogger Alina said...

I forgot to mention the address of my blog...

I think this will be a great way to keep in touch!


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