Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas is coming! My friend, Rachel was asking me yesterday whether I am ready for Christmas. She, evidently is not, having just hosted a large Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. But I was telling her that I am ready and rolling with the Christmas season already. Having children, especially one like my festive little Anna, makes the season magical all over again for Pat and I, even as adults. The day after Thanksgiving we hauled the family out to the woods- actually Home Depot- to choose our tree for the year. And it's a beauty. Since we have just moved and have taller ceilings than last year, we opted for an 8-9 foot tree...and I love it! Though it does have a Goliath-like, swallow-the-room-whole type of quality to it. And after stringing the lights twice and climbing up and down a chair to do so, I may just revert back to a 6-footer next year...we'll see. Anyway, the kids had a blast hanging and smashing ornaments...I have since initiated a no touch policy for Josh. Here are some pictures of all of us getting ready for the season...we are still not complete. I will unveil the majesty of the completed tree tomorrow. Okay, update. The blogger site is constantly deleting my pictures. I will post them later once I can, or rather, Pat can figure out what to do.

Pat and I are gearing up for a fun evening tonight. Several teams at Cingular are being treated to dinner tonight by IBM- a thanks for some of the work that has been done lately (isn't that the reason, Pat?) Whatever the case, we are going to Brio, an Italian restaurant...and my mother is playing babysitter for the night and part of tomorrow. So, I am hoping to use at least part of Wednesday to get some further Christmas prepartions done- like shopping. Ah, shopping without the double jogger, and the double trouble...sounds heavenly!


At 8:54 AM, Blogger Susanna Rose said...

I didn't know you guys have a tree now too! Isn't it just one of the most fun times of the year to decorate and smell the tree as well?! I'm excited to see it...I'm sure it looks stunning. It was lots of fun seeing you and the kids yesterday and I hope you and Pat have a fun night out together tonight! Just what you need!

P.S. I'll be on the look out for a little green skirt for Anna(:

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Corrin said...

I'll race you to it Susanna! Just let me know what size. I just love shopping for sales and competition.

Maryanne, I am so excited for Christmas. I just got your message on my phone today. I can't wait for Clif and I to come and celebrate with you all.

We are putting up the tree in my apartment on Sat. with my roommate and her 9 year old little neice. It should be great fun.

Can't wait to see you. Have I said that yet!!!


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